Sub Branch Life Members

Year Member Notes Passed Away
1951 John Cram First recorded Life Member
Jack W. Rudd First recorded Life Member
A. M. (Bert) Buller Long term President
Frank J. Hansen
R. A. (Alan) Ellison BEM Also RSL Meritorious Medal
A. G. (Jim) Kinder MBE Also RSL Meritorious Medal
Bill Rodney Long term Welfare Officer
H. Connell
Tom J. Parkes
1966 A. L. F. (Alf) Jay
Jack McKellar Grace Long term Treasurer
J. F. (Jack) Daly
1979 Keith W. Qualman
1981 R. C. F. (Bob) Cooper Longest term President
Stan J. Wildman
1983 Ces W. Kensey
1984 Keith W. Rogers
1997 Ross Burns
2000 Clive Francis Connor Long term Treasurer and President
2004 Norman Athol Andrews Historian
2009 Laurie Tucker Transferred to Camden
2011 Phillip Michael Friend Vice President & Memorabilia
2013 Paul Vincent Crofts Welfare and Funerals
2017 Des Harper
2017 Herb Stacker Transferred from Canley Heights